Découvrez les Bijoux Extralight – Studio Line (Italy)


Voici un petit cadeau qui m’a fait bien plaisir  🙂 Deux jolis colliers ultra légers de la marque italienne Studio Line Bijoux.

Studio Line Bijoux crée des bijoux contemporains et super légers en utilisant des matériaux comme corde, coton, dentelle … en les additionnant à des matériaux plus coûteux. En tressant et en enroulant ces différentes matières, nous obtenons comme résultat des bijoux volumineux, légers et glamour !

Perso j’aime beaucoup, vous en pensez quoi ? 😉


The designer said : For many years Art has been my major occupation, I recently tried to experiment and test some Jewellery . Designing Bijoux has inspired my creativity, necklaces are all Extra Light and Airy…beautiful volume without the Weight !
For Summer & Beach Collection Raw materials are my best inspiration . I mix up poor and unconventional materials with more precious ones to get an original comptemporary  Eco-Friendly look. I chose natural and ecologic materials such as cotton, yuta or canapa, handcrafted, rolled up or woven, the result is a light, puffy and fresh look giving all my Necklaces a beautiful and genuine handcrafted touch.
For the « Light Reflections Album » I’m playing with light, transparencies and silver reflections that gives the Bijoux a really high tech look. All the necklaces seems almost to fly in the air.

The “Studio Line Bijoux” creativity and innovation is been rewarded at Macef Milano Bijoux Design 2013.



Site : http://www.studiolinebijoux.com/

Page Fb : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Studio-Line-Bijoux/322139867900948?fref=ts

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